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DLR-Nachrichten - Ausgaben 104 bis 125

DLR Nachrichten 118 - Special Edition Transport

November 2007

 DLR Nachrichten 118
zum Bild DLR Nachrichten 118

Milestones in aeronautics and spaceflight – that is what is expected from DLR. After all, it is these two fields which form our name. Concluding the aerospace year with a special edition on transport may cause people to sit up and take notice. And so it should.

Transport is our most recent field of research; it is not yet ten years old. For the DLR transport researchers, progress has been racing ahead in the fast lane. New institutes, unique large-scale facilities, a modern structure, and practice-based partnerships are what shape transport at DLR. DLR transport researchers use these competencies, picking up on synergies between aerospace and transport in order to make mobility as efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly as possible. The use of satellite data and monitoring environmental parameters from flying platforms are just two of many examples.

Transport researchers at DLR are clearing the way for mobility in the 21st century – a factor which is of fundamental importance for the development of our country and, given the growing level of traffic, something that should not be taken for granted. At DLR, the way ahead has therefore been cleared for precautionary research for the mobility of tomorrow. At the same time, this demonstrates the innovative powers of our scientists and engineers. The Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology is supporting us on our way. I am therefore very pleased that Michael Glos, the Federal Minister for Economics and Technology, is providing the foreword to this issue of DLR Nachrichten.


PDF Download

Complete edition  (8,6 MB)
Title, Contents, Editorial  (111 KB)

Mobility as a Responsibility of Society - Foreword by Federal Minister Michael Glos

 (124 KB)

Bottleneck-free, Environmentally-friendly, Safe and Secure - Preparing for Tomorrow’s Mobility  (0,53 MB)
Why Do People Drive from A to B? Why Do People and Their Goods Move Around?  (0,6 MB)
Understanding of Traffic Development - The Interplay Between the Economy and Freight Traffic  (0,51 MB)
Just Like Humans but More Reliable Technology to Assist Drivers

 (440 KB)

The Thinking Car - An Assistance System for Every Driver

 (400 KB)

Vehicle Concepts for Tomorrow

 (235 KB)

Exhaust Gas Converted into Light - Innovations in Energy Management

 (0,97 MB)

200 Bar in a Lightweight Construction Tank - Production Process for Natural Gas Vehicles  (306 KB)
Super Light Car

 (99 KB)

Bioconcept Car  (205 KB)
Without Much of a Stir - The Train of the Future  (0,6 MB)
Stopping Safely - Doors and Brakes as Objects of Scientific Analysis  (449 KB)
Small Surface, Big Effect - Better Performance for Wheels and Rails  (216 KB)
Rail Travel without Borders - ETCS Makes Traveling through Europe Easier  (1,48 MB)
From Train to Train - Information for Safe Rail Transport  (2,68 MB)
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire, or ... Crisis Management with DELPHI and ARGOS  (0,65 MB)
High Tech as Collaps Prevention - Traffic Monitoring with Radar  (0,71 MB)
DLR Research Cooperation with TomTom  (168 KB)
Green Light Ahead with ORINOKO  (104 KB)
Many Roads Lead to Next Door - Cooperation with Fraunhofer  (352 KB)
The Impact of Transport on the Environment - A Global View of Emissions  (0,56 MB)
Shipping and the Climate - Helmholtz Young Investigators Group proves Cooling Effect  (389 KB)
Traffic Managers for a Day - At the DLR_School_Lab in Berlin  (248 KB)
DLR Cooperation: INRETS  (96 KB)





















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