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DLR-Nachrichten - Ausgaben 104 bis 125

DLR Nachrichten 120 – Special Edition: Energy Research

September 2008

 DLR Nachrichten 120
zum Bild DLR Nachrichten 120

Energy issues are high on the agenda at the moment. Energy research is not a passing interest, though. It has been part of the German Aerospace Center’s (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) research portfolio for the past three decades. DLR has outstanding and wide-ranging expertise in this field. Energy-saving technologies, options for wide application of renewable energies, and contributions to climate protection are all in high demand. DLR Nachrichten’s ‘Special Edition: Energy Research’ covers these topics.

DLR provides scientists with opportunities for conducting basic research, for setting up test stands and test installations, for exploring systematic approaches, and for working in interdisciplinary teams. It thus creates a research environment that has proven to be particularly fruitful for innovative activities. By fostering collaboration between leading specialists from the different subfields of energy research, working at the DLR institutes, at colleges of higher education or in private business, DLR sets the conditions for top-notch scientific and technological performance. This had led to successful applications of new technology, and even to the formation of a DLR spin-off company.

In DLR Nachrichten's 'Special Edition: Energy Research' you can read more about these topics, about the very diverse research and development activities conducted at DLR and about its latest achievements in this field. Inside, you will find articles about power plant technology, solar research and hydrogen technology, enabling you to learn more about energy distribution, alternative sources of energy, new energy stores, innovative fuel cells and hidden reserves.



Complete edition

 (6,96 MB)
Titel, contents and editorial by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner  (342 KB)
"Energy needs research" by State Secretary Jochen Homann (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology)  (301 KB)
"EU policies and measures for low carbon energiy technologies" by Andris Piebalgs, European Commission,Energy Commissioner  (435 KB)
Innovations for the energy system of tomorrow - Bernhard Milow, Programme Director Energy at DLR  (164 KB)
It’s all in the distribution - sustainable energy production as part of foreign policy  (0,62 MB)
Hybrid is "in" - Energy from gas turbine and hightemperature fuel cell  (384 KB)
Look, no flame! New combustion simulation shows the way to lower emissions  (255 KB)
They’re getting hotter - Efficient power plant technology through redesigning the combustion process  (233 KB)
Bringing Heron into the present - Turbo power can help the environment  (440 KB)
Knowing what happens inside a turbine  (454 KB)
Using a wide range of fuels - EnBW is banking on diversity for our future energy supply  (249 KB)
It's getting even hotter - Gas turbine power plants with a solar hybrid design  (421 KB)
The Solar Thermal Testing and Demonstration Power Plant in Jülich, Germany  (246 KB)
SOLLAB – Alliance of European Laboratories for Research and Technology on Concentrating Solar Power  (239 KB)
Taking hydrogen further - Advances in solar-based thermochemical hydrogen production  (0,52 MB)
From scientist to entrepreneur – thanks to measurement technology and research expertise  (409 KB)
Thermal storage for rational energy use  (328 KB)
Hidden energies - industrial uses for thermal storage  (118 KB)
The Taming of the Fuel Cell  (248 KB)
No smoke, no soot - Innovative concepts and measurement techniques lead to a third generation of fuel cells  (546 KB)
Untapped potential - Thermoelectric energy converters generate power from waste heat  (304 KB)
DLR-Cooperation Partners: Kraftanlagen München GmbH (KAM) - Technologies for a clean environment  (263 KB)

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