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DLR-Nachrichten - Ausgaben 104 bis 125

DLR Nachrichten 109 - Special Issue Solar Research

January 2005

DLR-Nachrichten - 109
This special issue of DLR-Nachrichten devoted to Solar Research is intended to give you an insight into German Aerospace Center work aimed at securing the future. The special attention of the DLR Solar Research is on the development of energy systems which convert the sunshine reaching the earth into usable energy.

Key considerations here are reducing the costs, improving the components and systems, and developing new fields of application for solar thermal technologies. A special position is occupied by the work on components for parabolic trough and tower power plants. The question on which the German Aerospace Center whole future depends, and which therefore needs answering most urgently, is the possibility of storing solar energy by chemical means, so that in future not only electricity, but also fuels, can be made available in a sustainable fashion.

The Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety, Jürgen Trittin, supports the meaning of the Solar Research for Germany with an article of his own. Pablo Fernandez Ruiz, Director of the Energy Programme Directorate General of Research at the European Commission, explain in his contribution the importance of solar energy for Europe.





PDF Download
Complete edition  (13 MB)
Title, Contents, Editorial  (494 KB)
The importance of solar energy for Europe  (3,24 MB)
Solar energy – Top-class research from Germany  (2,30 MB)
Solar research at DLR – Strategy and perspectives  (1,93 MB)
Independent Power Projects – DLR’s industrial partnerships in solar research  (3,01 MB)
Plataforma Solar de Almería – A German-Spanish co-operative venture  (3,82 MB)

Solar power plants –Potentials and markets

 (767 KB)

Trapping the sun’s rays – The SKAL-ET150 parabolic trough collector

 (1,37 MB)

Key technology for solar power plant engineering –
The development of the parabolic trough receiver

 (915 KB)
The future of electricity generation – Air receiver technology at Kraftanlagen München  (1,40 MB)
Solar electricity from gas turbines  (1,69 MB)
All steamed up with the sun  (1,80 MB)
Dish/Stirling systems  (1,38 MB)
Thermal storage systems for solar power plants  (303 KB)
Source of energy for the future – Hydrogen versus fossil fuels  (1,33 MB)
Solar reforming of natural gas  (1,51 MB)
Solar hydrogen – Splitting water thermochemically  (1,20 MB)
Solar furnace ten years old – Review – Highlights – Outlook  (1,34 MB)
Materials research in the solar furnace – Materials testing under extreme conditions  (1,65 MB)
Venus Express – Load tests in DLR’s solar furnace  (1,20 MB)
Journey to the inner solar system – Thermal tests for BepiColombo  (4,46 MB)
Solar process engineering – Solar heated Rotary kiln reactors  (3,13 MB)
Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), Madrid  (290 KB)

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