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DLR Magazine 128 – It's all in the detail

2 December 2010

Here, you can read the latest edition of the DLR magazine online or in PDF format. If you are interested in a complimentary subscription to the printed version, please click here.

DLR magazine 128: Read online
On the cover: simulated spheres of microscopic materials that bring the modelling of materials into focus, making it easier to predict their behaviour under stress. Whether they resist or fail under heavy loads is a crucial factor for aeronautics and space research, just as it is in energy and transport. Safety, and in turn security, is always the first priority – this is why safety is one of the themes of the second English-language edition of the DLR Magazine.

For security concerns on a larger scale, satellites provide essential information about global changes for people inhabiting susceptible areas. Read about the now fully operational Terra-SAR-X and Tandem-X satellites, and the unprecedented precision of this tandem mission in our interview with the DLR engineers in charge of mission operations.

Also in this issue: the flame at the heart of more efficient engines, a unique catapult for trains aimed at stopping them flying off the rails, and a probe into the hazy issue of transport emissions and their environmental effects. And this issue of the Magazine also tackles the greatest question of them all: is Earth one of a kind? We look at how 100 researchers from around the world have been working together to build up a detailed picture of the development of our world and life itself. Meanwhile, specialists in space medicine tell us what draws them to Antarctica, and we have a special report on the planetary image library services that bring visions of space to researchers and the general public worldwide – one of which has been run by DLR for the last 25 years.

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