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DLR-Webcast: Alan Bean - the fourth man on the Moon

16 April 2010

On 19 November 1969, when Alan Bean became the fourth person to walk on the surface of the Moon, telephones still had dials and the Internet was an experimental project at the US Department of Defense. In this German Aerospace Center (DLR) webcast, the Apollo 12 astronaut shares with us how at that time, he believed that 40 years on, people would already have been living in colonies on the Moon for a long time. Although this has not happened, he never lost his passion for Earth’s natural satellite. For about 30 years of his 78, he has painted pictures on one central theme: space. He wanted to preserve his adventures for posterity, he explains.

At the exhibition "Out of this world - wonders of the Solar System" in the Gasometer Oberhausen, Alan Bean spoke about his experiences in space - and his hopes for the future of human spaceflight.

 Interview: Alan Bean

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