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Press releases 2010
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28/05/2010 'First light' as SOFIA completes observation flight
22/05/2010 DLR begins operating a second communications satellite for the German armed forces
12/05/2010 Volcanic ash in Meridiani Planum
11/05/2010 From the skies to the rails: DLR scientists unveil a new collision avoidance system for trains
10/05/2010 DLR Falcon has helped end airspace restrictions over southern Germany with an additional measurement flight
07/05/2010 The volcano calls – results and outlook for the mission
06/05/2010 DLR tests sharp-edged spacecraft with new type of heat shield cooling system
02/05/2010 The volcano calls - measurement flights over Iceland
29/04/2010 TerraSAR-X's 'twin' satellite, TanDEM-X, certified ready for space
20/04/2010 New DLR Institute of Solar Research receives a 27 million Euro grant from the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia
19/04/2010 DLR's research aircraft 'Falcon 20E' completes measurement flight successfully
15/04/2010 DLR scientists investigate gigantic ash cloud after volcanic eruption
08/04/2010 Indications of volcanic activity on Venus
08/04/2010 CryoSat-2 polar mission launched
26/03/2010 MAXUS 8 – a leap into space
17/03/2010 CoRoT-9b, a temperate exoplanet
04/03/2010 REXUS 7 and 8 student research rockets launched successfully
03/03/2010 Prof. Dr-Ing. Ulrich Wagner is the newly-appointed Director of Energy and Transport for the DLR Management Board
11/02/2010 On the trail of space weather: SDO solar observatory launched successfully
10/02/2010 Power from the desert: from vision to implementation - kick-off meeting for the enerMENA project in Almería
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