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News Archive 2010
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22/09/2010 Rosetta's cometary lander Philae goes LEGO®
08/09/2010 World map of methane concentrations
03/09/2010 Outer space close enough to touch – DLR telepresence research
27/08/2010 Orcus Patera - Mars's mysterious elongated crater
18/08/2010 Controlled re-entry from space - DLR develops custom flight control system for SHEFEX II
13/08/2010 Interview with Klaus-Dietrich Flade: From fighter pilot to astronaut to Airbus test pilot
11/08/2010 Antares H3: DLR and Lange Aviation develop the next generation of fuel-cell powered aircraft
10/08/2010 Inauguration of the first DLR ground station in Canada
06/08/2010 Training astronauts for space – under water
03/08/2010 TerraSAR-X image of the month: Tracking the catastrophic oil spill
23/07/2010 DLR investigates the existence of liquid salt solutions on Mars
22/07/2010 TanDEM-X delivers first 3D images
21/07/2010 A moment of weightlessness: 3D virtual visit to the parabolic flight aircraft A300 ZERO-G
13/07/2010 Turning robots into assistants for people: Alin Albu-Schäffer
10/07/2010 Rosetta spacecraft returns unique glimpses of asteroid Lutetia
08/07/2010 Energy from the desert: "We have the technology, the concepts and the contacts"
05/07/2010 Philae and Rosetta gear up for asteroid Lutetia
02/07/2010 DLR researchers conduct world’s first analysis of next-generation GPS navigation signal
02/07/2010 New Global Aviation Monitors: DLR expects regeneration of German and international air traffic
02/07/2010 TerraSAR-X image of the month: the Nazca lines in Peru
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