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News-Archiv Aeronautics 2010
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12/07/2011 DLR's new RSS feed URLs
22/12/2010 Asteroids, train collisions and designer fuels: a look back at the year 2010
06/12/2010 Sleep deprivation study at DLR Cologne
02/12/2010 DLR and DNW open wind tunnel in Braunschweig
29/11/2010 World premiere: Lufthansa first airline to use biofuel on commercial flights
02/11/2010 Virtual flight on a robotic arm
02/11/2010 Rolf Henke - new DLR Executive Board Member for Aeronautics
10/09/2010 Eighty-year old film from the pioneering era of fluid mechanics evaluated using modern measurement techniques
13/08/2010 Interview with Klaus-Dietrich Flade: From fighter pilot to astronaut to Airbus test pilot
02/07/2010 New Global Aviation Monitors: DLR expects regeneration of German and international air traffic
01/07/2010 A mix of a helicopter and a passenger aircraft – DLR studies the aircraft of the future
14/06/2010 DLR launches new English-language magazine
13/06/2010 DLR Webcast: Flying ‘Swiss cheese’ explores the atmosphere
12/06/2010 Antares shows off its unique abilities at ILA 2010
11/06/2010 Knowledge for tomorrow: DLR exhibits at ILA 2010
10/06/2010 DLR at ILA: from aircraft, to robots and alternative aviation fuels
08/06/2010 Data from the volcanic ash layer - work for the next two years
08/06/2010 Knowledge for tomorrow: ILA 2010, Berlin – DLR innovations and results from its cutting-edge research in aeronautics and space
10/05/2010 DLR Falcon has helped end airspace restrictions over southern Germany with an additional measurement flight
07/05/2010 The volcano calls – results and outlook for the mission
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