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HALO webcast

DLR Webcast: Flying ‘Swiss cheese’ explores the atmosphere

13 June 2010
Aircraft engineers have incorporated a large number of holes in the research aircraft HALO (High Altitude and Long Range), a Gulfstream G 550. Through these openings, researchers can take samples in the highest layers of the atmosphere and analyse them immediately. This DLR webcast presents the latest research aircraft in DLR's fleet.
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Antares shows off its unique abilities at ILA 2010

12 June 2010
Antares is an elegant motorised glider - the only aircraft in the world capable of taking off using power from fuel cells alone. An idea conceived at DLR Hamburg just two years ago, it flew at the Berlin Air Show, ILA, for the first time on 8 June 2010.
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Webcast Justin

DLR Webcast: Space robot Justin meets reporter

11 June 2010
DLR reporter Daniel Finger has a new dream job - operator of the space robot Justin. At the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) 2010 in Berlin, the reporter learned that the service robot can be controlled intuitively. The repair of satellites, the actual task that Justin will one day take over, is more complicated. That, Daniel Finger will leave to the scientists.
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Knowledge for tomorrow: DLR exhibits at ILA 2010

11 June 2010
The innovations and results showcased in DLR exhibits at ILA show that the effort is on to improve daily life, in addition to flying. Some exhibits on display are just about to enter the market, still others are in their nascent stages. This image gallery shows shots from the DLR stand in hall 9 at the Berlin air show, ILA.
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DLR at ILA: from aircraft, to robots and alternative aviation fuels

10 June 2010
DLR research, innovation, its aircraft, and original products are out in force at the Berlin air show, ILA 2010. This gallery showcases DLR research and innovation, including images of aircraft and spacecraft on display.
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10/06/2010 NASA and DLR sign agreement to continue the GRACE mission through 2015
10/06/2010 DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center becomes an ESA reference laboratory
08/06/2010 Data from the volcanic ash layer - work for the next two years
08/06/2010 Knowledge for tomorrow: ILA 2010, Berlin – DLR innovations and results from its cutting-edge research in aeronautics and space