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Venus Express

Indications of volcanic activity on Venus

8 April 2010
Although some uncertainty remains, the most recent infrared data from the VIRTIS spectrometer seem to confirm the suspicion. "We are pretty sure that Venus still has volcanic activity," say Jörn Helbert and Nils Müller from the DLR Institute of Planetary Research – members of the VIRTIS team.
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Pioneer-Venus-Bild im sichtbaren Licht und Magellan-Radarbild der Venusoberfläche

Venus' atmosphere observed – SCIAMACHY on Envisat looks elsewhere

17 July 2009
Scientists at DLR and SRON have found a new area of deployment for the SCIAMACHY atmospheric instrument on the European environmental satellite Envisat. In March and June 2009, the spectrometer looked away from its normal target, Earth, towards our neighbouring inner planet Venus and investigated its radiation at visible light and near-infrared wavelengths.
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New details in the clouds of Venus are revealed

5 June 2008
As ESA's Venus Express continues to orbit around our sister planet, new images of the cloud structure of one of the most enigmatic atmospheres of the Solar System reveal brand-new details.
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