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News-Archiv Stuttgart
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30/11/2010 American energy research centre NREL and DLR extend their collaboration
29/11/2010 World premiere: Lufthansa first airline to use biofuel on commercial flights
23/09/2010 DLR Webcast from InnoTrans - Innovative nose protects trains during collisions
11/08/2010 Antares H3: DLR and Lange Aviation develop the next generation of fuel-cell powered aircraft
08/07/2010 Energy from the desert: "We have the technology, the concepts and the contacts"
30/06/2010 Electricity from the desert: "We are at the forefront of development"
12/06/2010 Antares shows off its unique abilities at ILA 2010
10/06/2010 DLR at ILA: from aircraft, to robots and alternative aviation fuels
06/05/2010 Cooling effects for high temperatures
06/05/2010 A heat shield tile in the wind tunnel
06/05/2010 DLR tests sharp-edged spacecraft with new type of heat shield cooling system
10/03/2010 Decentralised power stations: greater efficiency through combined heat and power
10/02/2010 Power from the desert: from vision to implementation - kick-off meeting for the enerMENA project in Almería
28/01/2010 Designer fuels for aviation
19/01/2010 ADELE to store electricity efficiently, safely and in large quantities
16/12/2009 Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency: a key role in achieving global carbon dioxide emissions targets
25/11/2009 DLR and Bombardier Transportation sign cooperation agreement for the trains of the future
05/11/2009 Clean water from sunlight
13/10/2009 German Aerospace Center (DLR) Stuttgart remembers Wolfram Krewitt
13/10/2009 DLR signs cooperation agreement to investigate alternative fuel types for use in aviation
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