November 3, 2023

Special exhibition on fertiliser: Solar Fuels exhibit shows sustainable production methods

Solar Fuels at the Museum Brot und Kunst
The DLR exhibit "Solar Fuels" (right) can be experienced interactively and is presented by researcher Lena Klass (illustration left) via an audio guide.

Solar Fuels in the agriculture of tomorrow? No more dreams of the future with CO2-neutral fertilisers! On the ecologically important topic of fertiliser, the special exhibition "Elixir of life. Fertiliser between magic power and explosive" has started at the Museum Brot und Kunst in Ulm. We are pleased to be there with our exhibit "Solar Fuels"!

The exhibition provides exciting insights into the history of fertilisers, their social significance as well as new technical production processes. On display are photos, videos, installations and artworks that present the topic in a vivid and entertaining way, including a graphic illustration by our colleague Lena Klaas, which introduces visitors to the topic via audio guide.

Our exhibit on the solar production of fuels and fertilisers illustrates our CO2-neutral approach: a production path from the collection of solar energy in a solar power plant, hydrogen production by means of a thermochemical reaction, subsequent ammonia production in the Haber-Bosch process to fertiliser application on the field. Our recently completed SESAM project has also addressed the topic and further developed a thermochemical air separation for the production of nitrogen, also an important basic material for fertiliser production.

The exhibition runs until 07.04.2024. Come by, experience our research interactively and learn more about one of the most important global food issues!


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