Joystick RJo

Kontur-2-Joystick in operating configuration
Kontur-2-Joystick in Betriebskonfiguration

As part of the Kontur-2 project, an aerospace-grade, force-reflecting joystick with two degrees of freedom was developed at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics.

 Technical specifications

Maximum force on joystick handle:
15 N
Working range:
Degrees of freedom:
Special features:
Ergonomic handle

Qualification tests

The following tests were performed to qualify the RJo for use on the ISS:

  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Electrical tests (Power consumption when switching on and in various operating modes)
  • Thermal tests
  • Structural tests (vibration, shock load)
  • Offgassing test (all materials used must meet the material requirements for offgassing on the ISS)
  • Flammability analysis (all materials used must meet the material requirements for flammability on the ISS)

Transport configuration and operating configuration

In order to protect the handle against mechanical stress during transport, a protective cap was developed that can also be used as an armrest during operation.