Wessling Robotics


Wessling Robotics markets a humanoid dexterous robotics hand to customers in sience and industry. A prosthetic applications is underdevelopment.

DLR key technologies
humanoid dexterous robotics hands, DLR-HIT Hand II
date of foundation
• Peter Meusel
• Zhaopeng Chen
• Benedikt Pleintinger
• Hong Liu


Wessling Robotics GmbH was founded in 2013 as a spin off robotics technology firm based DLR. Located in Wessling, Germany, in close proximity to the DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center, its product focus is on cutting edge technology in advanced dexterous robotic hands. Wessling Robotics’ dexterous hand is based on the industrial design award winning DLR/HIT II hand. The Wessling hand is used by research institutions across Europe for scientific research, as well as industrial partners such as KUKA. In addition to the Wessling hand, Wessling Robotics is also foraying into prosthetic applications, which is currently under development.


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