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The goal of Surface Avatar is to explore multi-modal teleoperation of multiple robotic avatars on a planetary surface from orbit.

2022-01-01 until 2025-12-31
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Establishment of planetary infrastructure
European Space Agency

Project details

Surface Avatar is a set of space telerobotic robotic experiments led by DLR, in partnership with ESA. Its aim is two fold:

1. study the feasibility of deploying of a heterogeneous robotic team to perform collaborative tasks on a planetary surface, and
2. examine the use of a multi-modal user interface to allow the human user to teleoperate the robots as intelligent co-workers and haptically coupled avatars.

To be carried out between 2022 and 2023, different robots, including humanoid robot, a rover, a quad-pedal robot, and a robotic lander, will work as a team on the ground. They will be commanded by the crew on board the International Space Station using a computer with a graphical user interface, a joystick, and a 7-degrees-of-freedom force reflection input device.