UTRaCar and MoMoCar

For the planning, simulation and controlling of traffic systems, traffic data has to be gathered first. Mobile detection units provide the benefit of gathering and processing own specific data independent from data providers and localities. The institute operates the two vehicles MoMoCar and UTRaCar equipped with various sensors and systems for data collection as well as for automatic processing.


A variety of technical sensors and systems opens the opportunity to observe and analyse even complex traffic situations:

  • automatic image processing and measuring system for the detection of traffic flow(vehicles as well as pedestrians, etc.), velocities, for traffic monitoring and traffic sequence recording
  • 2-range radar system for a synchronised gauging of the vehicle’s driving dynamics and the current vehicle environment by measuring the distance to and the velocity of the surrounding vehicles
  • D-GPS for a highly accurate positioning
  • Sensors for measuring the vehicle driving dynamics, the detection of velocities, accelerations, yaw rates and declinations
  • 13 meter telescopic pole with a flexible assembling platform for an elevated positioning of cameras and sensors for different surveillance purposes

The self-sufficient uninterruptible power supply unit ensures a secure and continuous data handling.


In mobile as well as in stationary mode, traffic data and images can be gathered and automatically be processed. In mobile mode this includes e.g. vehicle velocities, gaps between traffic ahead and behind, current GPS positions, vehicle accelerations and decelerations as well as CAN-bus data. In stationary mode, sensors and cameras attached to the telescopic pole can be deployed to record data and measure automatically e.g. the traffic flow of intersections.

The measuring vehicles further serve as testing platforms for vehicle-based sensors and are used for executing reference tests and measurements for new traffic sensors, like Car-To-Car-Communication (C2C) or Car-To-Infrastructure-Communication (C2I).

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