VABENE++ traffic management for major events and disasters

Problems or interruptions in the critical infrastructure of the traffic system have significant impacts on general mobility and the ability to supply the population with goods and services. In the case of disasters or large-scale emergencies, road traffic in particular acquires significance beyond this: police, fire brigades and rescue services rely on a functioning road network for almost all of their operations. Thus, there is a need for a crisis or emergency traffic management system in order to maintain mobility as a vital function of the society even during crisis situations.

In the VABENE++ project, high-performance decision support tools are being developed for authorities and organisations with a security role as well as for transport authorities to better meet challenges with respect to disasters and major incidents. The goal is to efficiently direct the rescue logistics required as well as the traffic flows in the surrounding area even under extreme conditions and thus to get emergency services rapidly to their place of operation. The project is focusing its research, amongst other things, in the areas of airborne traffic monitoring, data fusion/data management, traffic risk assessment, simulation and large-scale traffic prediction as well as the continuing development of web technologies. The Institute of Transportation Systems is responsible for VABENE++ project management. It is also responsible for transport analysis, traffic simulation and evacuation planning as well as operating the traffic information and decision-making portal KeepOperational which supports rescue services during their operations.

Project name
VABENE++ traffic management for major events and disasters
01/2014 – 12/2018
DLR Program Directorate Transport
Project partners

DLR Institute of Transportation Systems (project management)
DLR Remote Sensing Technology Institute
German Remote Sensing Data Centre
DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation
DLR Microwaves and Radar Institute
DLR Institute of Optical Sensor Systems
DLR Flight Experiments facility


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