Airport Management

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Institute of Flight Guidance

Air traffic plays a crucial role in ensuring the mobility of people and goods around the globe. The Institute of Flight Guidance is working on the development and application of future processes and t...
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Aeronautic Study on Seamless Transport

ASSET is a project within the Seventh European Framework Programme whose multinational consortium is coordinated by the German Aerospace Centre. Against the background of insufficient punctuality of t...
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AirTOP is a model for simulating aircraft movements. This tool covers all processes in the air (gate-to-gate) and thus enables the interaction between several airports to be examined right down to glo...
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Aircraft Position, Velocity and Attitude

The Honeywell Laserref Innertial Reference System (IRS) uses ring laser gyros and servo accelerometers to measure horizontal, vertical and angular acceleration in the Cartesian aircraft reference syst...
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Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key enabler for meeting the strategic goals of future air transportation. However, the limitations of today’s numerical tools reduce the scope of innovation in aircra...
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Dew Point and Humidity

For water vapor measurements three different instruments are used: a commercial aircraft dew point hygrometer (GE 1011B, General Eastern), a slightly modified capacitive sensor (Humicap-H ,Vaisala) an...
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Thermo Fluid Systems

The term thermo fluid systems is used for systems that make use of the principles of both thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. This kind of system is essential on modern airplanes.
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