Travel Demand Analysis

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UDRIVE – Naturalistic Driving Study

Selected drivers are observed over a period of several months during their daily driving to gather knowledge of their naturalistic driving behaviour. Sensors in their car acquire data on drivers, vehi...
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Transport and the Environment (VEU)

Securing the mobility of people and goods and at the same time preserving a healthy environment and natural resources is one of the main challenges our societies face. The DLR internal project “Transp...
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VITAL – Vehicle-Actuated Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

Two novel control procedures for traffic light systems will be evaluated in the field. They are designed to utilize especially the data that stem from new data acquisition methods like vehicle-to-infr...
Related Topics: Travel Demand Analysis

Micromobility on sidewalks and cycle paths - Conflicts of use and effects on traffic (MMoNK)

The project examines the traffic effects and conflicts of use of the newly emerging electrically assisted means of transport as a technical innovation. This takes up a topic on which so far hardly any...
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The results of project OIS form a complete value-added chain, which can be mapped on a full spectrum beginning with new defined scientific tasks of basic research and application-oriented focus and en...
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flashing light directs attention at level crossings

PeriLight is a system developed by the DLR to increase the attention of car drivers at open level crossings, reducing the risk of accidents. PeriLight can be tried out by taking the role of a car driv...
Related Topics: Travel Demand Analysis