Traffic Development

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Multi agent simulation for urban freight transport (Multi-Agent-City)

The project extends an existing MA framework for freight transport by modelling the demand side of the transport market, i.e. shippers and recipients as well as logistics service providers, in a detai...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Air Freight Model - Analysis and Forecast of Air Freight

The development of air freight is considered as an early indicator for economic changes; thus, a reliable air traffic forecast is very important for the industry and decision makers in policy. The air...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Move Urban: Space-efficient housing and mobility concepts in growing urban and new suburban neighborhoods.

The growth of cities leads to a higher demand for mobility supply at the same time as decreasing land reserves. Resolving this conflict requires...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Global cargo gravitation model: airports matter for forecasts

The paper presents a forecasting model for air freight on airport level in a global scope. Gravity models are utilized and adapted to airport regions, yielding high resolution future freight potential...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

CIVITAS CITYLAB - City Logistics in Living Laboratories

The project CityLab aims to improve the understanding of the impacts freight and service trips have in our urban areas. Innovative urban freight management solutions will be tested and evaluated in Am...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Department: Transport Markets and Mobility Services

For a successful transformation of transport, our research investigates innovative transport services and their framework conditions in transport markets - both for passengers and for goods ...
Related Topics: Traffic Development
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