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Association of the German Petroleum Industry: The car market until 2040

The car of the future will be powered by oil and electricity. This is the only way that expectations of car drivers can be met, as established by the 'Car market until 2040' study. The study clearly s...
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MiD - Mobility in Germany 2023

The MiD study is a nationwide survey of households on their everyday transport behaviour. It is commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) and many federal states, ci...
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AEROFLEX: Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport

A paradigm shift is needed to meet the future challenges of more effective road freight transport. The "Physical Internet" stands for this as a new vision of future logistics for physical goods to ach...
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Traffic Oriented Microscopic Simulator

TOMICS is a simulation software for modelling individual passenger movements in the traffic space. Emphasis is put on modelling a preferably wide spectrum of all traffic processes in the terminal area...
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The joint project ROSANNA is based on the results of the research project KOSERNA and the concept study ROSANNA-Konzept and applies them to safety-relevant areas of satellite navigation. Two promising...
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SuVeKo - Development of a sufficiency strategy for the transport sector and its successful communication

In recent years, technical progress and efficiency improvements have failed to bring about a turnaround toward greater sustainability in the area of mobility. Numerous counterproductive effects, such ...
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SuMatHrA - Substitution of conventional materials for lightweight construction by wood hybrids based on Albasia

In the transport sector and especially in electromobility, lightweight construction continues to play a central role in increasing efficiency. However, the lightweight materials currently used, with t...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies
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