Environment Pollution

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First atmospheric measurements of the wind lidar mission Aeolus

After a development period of 16 years, the ESA satellite Aeolus was launched into space on a Vega rocket on 22 August 2018 at 21:20 UTC. Named after the Greek God of the Winds, the satellite carries ...
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Project TRAGVIS – Portable range-gated viewing system for vision enhancement in maritime environments

Optical viewing systems have a large potential to improve safety for people working at sea. The TRAGVIS project is dedicated to developing a portable active viewing system for maritime search and resc...
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Living Planet

The European Space Agency ESA is running an Earth observation programme entitled "Living Planet", to study global environmental change. The programme’s key component is a fleet of dedicated satellites...
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The effects of the transport sectors emissions on global atmospheric aerosols and climate

Numerical simulations with a global chemistry-climate model show that the emissions from the transport sectors (land-based transport, shipping and aviation) have important impacts on atmospheric aeros...
Related Topics: Environment Pollution Geophysics
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