Numerical Analysis

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High-Performance Visualization

Deployment of a scalable HPC software infrastructure for distributed and interactive post-processing of large-scale scientific data
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Structures and mechanisms

The development of structures and mechanisms for spacecraft and their components has already been fully undertaken by the MTS department for many projects. The department has a wealth of expertise in ...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Simulation and Optimization of Technical Systems

The group Simulation and Optimization of Technical Systems researches mathematical methods and algorithms for solving engineering challenges and implement them in highs quality maintainable software.
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Predictive Simulation Software

The Predictive Simulation Software research group conducts research on simulation software that allows accurate forecasts taking complex factors into account. The computation of these highly complex m...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Simulation Frameworks

The department focuses on research and development of software frameworks and the integration of simulation components for multidisciplinary analyses and optimizations of aircraft. The software develo...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis Structural Mechanics

Equipping Sparse Solvers for Exascale (ESSEX)

ESSEX-II investigates the solution of sparse eigenvalue problems on future exascale systems. The activities at DLR range from basic linear algebra operations and fault-tolerance mechanisms to high-l...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Scientific Computing

Scientific computing is a third methodological approach in addition to the two classical pillars of theory and experiment in natural and engineering sciences. We answer questions and analyze problems ...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis
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