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Research Reports, Dissertations, Expert Opinion and Workshop Reports in Noise Effects Research of the Flight Physiology department in 2001-2010

(Die Institutsangehörigen sind fett markiert. Unter den angegebenen Links finden Sie die Abstracts der Paper und ggf. auch das Paper selbst, sofern dieses im Internet veröffentlicht werden darf.) ...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine Acoustics Aerodynamic

First atmospheric measurements of the wind lidar mission Aeolus

After a development period of 16 years, the ESA satellite Aeolus was launched into space on a Vega rocket on 22 August 2018 at 21:20 UTC. Named after the Greek God of the Winds, the satellite carries ...
Related Topics: Environment Pollution Acoustics Geophysics

FlowSimulator DataManager (FSDM)

The FlowSimulator DataManager (FSDM) is a HPC-library written in C++ with Python interface for the storage and the parallel management of data from CFD simulations in aerospace. FSDM copes with differ...
Related Topics: Acoustics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Test Requirements

Testing under flight conditions - Test as you fly! Testing under flight conditions - Fly as you test! – Safe mission forecast and high reliability
Related Topics: Spacecraft Propulsion and Power Acoustics
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