In the DLR_School_Labs students can themselves conduct experiments

Out of the Classroom–into the Lab!

In the DLR_School_Labs students can themselves conduct experiments. Image: DLR
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The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is one of Europe's largest and most modern research institutions. Here is where the aircraft of the future are being developed and pilots trained, rocket engines tested and images of distant planets analyzed. In addition, ca. 8,600 DLR staff members are investigating next-generation high-speed trains, environmentally responsible methods of generating enery, and much more...

We are happy to pass on to young people our enthusiasm for all these fascinating topics. So we are inviting you to come for a very special visit: At our student laboratories, the DLR_School_Labs, you can yourselves conduct experiments and discover many exciting things related to aviation and aerospace, transportation research and energy.

From Mars to wind tunnels: it's fun to know...

What do the latest pictures from Mars show? Was there ever water there, or even maybe simple forms of life? What details on earth can satellites see from space? How do space robots work and what can they do? Find out, and steer a little rover through craters and valleys! Build your own rockets and launch them! Do you want to know what astronauts actually do on the International Space Station ISS? Conduct experiments connected with research in earth orbit! You'll be surprised to see what happens to a candle flame in the absence of gravity... You can also try out being an air traffic controller and keeping track of everything. Or have a look at a wind tunnel from the inside and then let the wind really give you a hard time.

So you see, there's lots to discover and investigate - and you'll discover for yourselves: it's fun to know!

Dive into the world of research...

In the DLR_School_Labs students can themselves conduct experiments. Image: DLR
In the DLR_School_Labs students can themselves conduct experiments. Image: DLR Credit: DLR

You can have a closer look at lots of things you're familiar with in everyday life. Using solar energy, how is light turned into electricity? How can the traffic jams on our streets be avoided? How does the navigation system in the car know the shortest route to a destination?

These are just a few examples of what goes on at the different DLR_School_Labs. Each lab offers its own exciting experiments - depending on the specialty of each DLR location. This is because the student labs are located right at the heart of our research centers or the campuses of our partner universities. So when you visit us you are really encountering the real world of high-tech research, learning about projects that are going on right now and speaking with engineers, physicists and other scientists. So how about it? Out of the classroom and into the lab!

Information for teachers

Our DLR_School_Labs are available to classes or particular courses in secondary schools, and in some cases also to elementary school classes - for visits lasting one or several days. The students are divided up into small groups and guided by trained staff who can also share information about careers and how to get the necessary training.

There is no charge for visiting the DLR_School_Labs, but teachers need to register for them early. An application form and more information about the individual DLR_School_Labs can be found via the links at the top right hand corner of this page.