DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt

A day at the DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt is a journey into the future. With this motto, schoolchildren explore the Earth, conduct research like astronauts in microgravity and guide satellites into their positions in Earth orbit.
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A trip into the future!

At DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt, students become astronauts and virtually travel to the International Space Station ISS. There, they move virtually ‘weightlessly’ and with the help of hand sensors they can even open the outer hatch of the space station and take a virtual spacewalk: the impressive view of the earth from above and the excursion into space are the prelude to a fascinating ‘journey into the future’ which children and young people can undertake based on various hands-on experiments in Darmstadt.

At DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt, students are familiarised with current research topics at the University and the DLR in the fields of aerospace, information technology and high-tech materials. Through research-oriented, discovery-based learning, they learn the significance of all this scientific work for the future of our society and for their own lives. A special feature is the control room developed by the European Satellite Control Center ESOC at DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt. How does a satellite avoid dangerous space junk? How do you control a robot on a distant celestial body? As a team, the students find solutions for these current scientific challenges.

The children and adolescents themselves become junior researchers at the DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt and work on specific research projects consistent with their age. They plan experiments, carry them out independently, hypothesize, and create experimental protocols. For the experiments in our laboratory state-of-the-art equipment from science and research are available: from the flow channel to visualise the aerodynamic properties of wings via augmented and virtual reality tools that open entirely new worlds, to hot furnaces in which state-of-the-art materials are baked. Students of engineering courses as well as teacher training students support the students in experiments and provide insight into life at the university and into study content.

Instructors at schools in Darmstadt and the surrounding area find DLR_School_Lab TU Darmstadt the ideal location to study the latest technologies and research. In the long term, teacher training programs and a network for teachers who want to be active in their own research are also planned here.

We look forward to your visit with your school class to DLR_School_Lab TU Damstadt!