DLR_School_Lab TU Hamburg

Would you like to steer a large tanker through the port of Hamburg? Or think about the aircraft of tomorrow like an aeronautical engineer? At the DLR_School_Lab TU Hamburg you can, because everything here revolves around the major topics of shipping and aeronautics.
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Why does a bird have to flap its wings? And why must an airplane not do it? How can it be avoided? Where does turbine noise come from and how can it be kept out of the cabin? How many boreholes are there in an Airbus, who makes them all, how is it done, and could we do without? These are the kinds of questions you can tackle at DLR_School_Lab TU Hamburg.

On the TU Hamburg campus there is a wide scope for encounters and fruitful discussions – an ideal atmosphere for developing new ideas in the engineering sciences. “Technology for people” is the guiding principle at the core of research, teaching and technology transfer.

At DLR_School_Lab TU Hamburg young people are taken along on a stimulating journey into the world of aviation. At the third largest location of civil aviation industry worldwide, the subject of flight is of course fundamentally important. But Hamburg also happens to be one of Europe’s largest harbour cities, so ship technology is also a main topic at TUHH and hence at DLR_School_Lab Hamburg. Students are invited to exciting experiments, discovering that technology and science are fascinating. It is fun to find out how an airplane weighing tons can lift off from the ground or how ships can get to their destinations despite storms and heavy seas.