The rotary test stand

Why and how can airplanes fly? Credit: DLR/K.-A.
Why and how can airplanes fly? Credit: DLR/K.-A.
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Flight! Just what does it mean? What is the physics behind it and how is it achieved? Why can a bird fly, but not a person? Which forces hold birds and airplanes up in the air and how are they generated? These are just a few of the questions we will tackle as part of the experiments at this test bench with the help of a rotary test stand: ANIPROP RL3.

The device resembles a simplified merry-go-round. At the top of a tripod, a 2 meter long jib is rotatably mounted. At its end, you can fasten the model of a bird, a wing or another flying object. The jig is driven by an electric motor, so the model rotates in a circle. Thereby one can measure lift and air resistance at different velocities and angles of pitch.