Computational Multiphysics

In the field of "Computational Multiphysics" numerical scale-resolving methods are developed. They allow accurate and efficient calculations of physical failure phenomena on all relevant length scales. Highly stressed components, coatings and materials at high temperatures and in corrosive environments are the focus of the methods’ application.

Different interacting physical effects of several length scales are transferred into one simulation environment by state-of-the-art approaches. One research area focuses on phase-field modelling. This approach is suitable to describe failure mechanisms of real components, considering physical and chemical influences that are relevant for real operating conditions. Multiscale FEM simulations link the material behaviour at the microstructural level to the component level. The utilization of machine learning algorithms reduces computational costs while maintaining accuracy.

The method development is closely aligned with experimental investigations. This ensures the methods’ validation by comparison of simulative and experimental results.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reh

Deputy Director & Head of Department
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Test and Simulation for Gas Turbines