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Procedures and timing

DLR_School_Lab TUHH is an inspiring place to enrich science education from 5th form onwards. Forms 8 to 13 are mainly in focus. Primary scholars are invited, too, when they are part of the TUHH programme “Kinderforscher”. Our guests do not only come from Greater Hamburg but also from far beyond.

From 10th form onwards, we are happy to offer an introduction on subjects you can study at TUHH.

If you are interested, we also offer special days focussing on Maths e.g. Functions (possibly with an introduction into programming). Together with our partners MINT: PINK and Sophia_T we foster and encourage girls´ interest in science and engineering.

Your visit usually starts at 10 or 10.30 in the morning. But we are flexible. If you would like to come at noon or in the afternoon this can also be arranged.

If you have a very big class, it is worth while to think about splitting the group. Thus, you could visit us on consecutive days.The impression of the visit is far more sustainable when there are less pupils which means e.g. more time at the flight-simulator…. You could also form a small group by choosing individual students from different classes who already proved their genuine interest in school.

We will welcome you with some information on DLR and TUHH. After that, your students are going to work in small groups rotating at the stands until everybody has seen and done everything. They are taught by qualified students of our university. Nevertheless, you stay in charge of supervision. We expect from our visitors adequate behaviour complying with lab work so that our students can do their job and every pupil may benefit from the visit. Since we work in two rooms at the same time, we kindly ask for two teachers accompanying groups up to 9th form.

The following time frames have proved to be sensible:

  • Primary pupils: two hours without a break
  • Intermediate students: three hours with lunch box break
  • A-level students from class 10 onwards: four hours with full meal at our mensa

Teachers are given a questionnaire for feedback and free teaching material. Apart from transportation and meals, the visit is completely free of charge.

Make the visit fit into your curriculum!

Our teaching is geared towards Hamburg School Curriculum and, at the same time, extends beyond it. Preparatory and follow-up classroom instruction is desirable but not mandatory. Have a look at the descriptions of the experiments on this website and decide, whether before visiting the Aviation Lab, for example, you would like to introduce the important concept of buoyancy.

A visit during a unit of lessons on aviation is especially useful, of course. After their visit, students can also be motivated to participate in science competitions.

International classes we serve in English language.

Highly committed students are always welcome to complete a school practical with us. Please send the customary application papers to our mailing address in good time.There are 5 practicals every year.

Special offers

In addition to regular School_Lab activities there are numerous special events like Girls‘ Day, Night of Science, Maritime Night, Technomathematics Days, Summer Camps Maths/ Electrical Engineering/ Shipbuilding and Simulator Specials by the Fascination of Technology Club. Let us know if you are interested.

For teachers, there are DLR training days offered about once a year in cooperation with the University of Munich / Dep. of Physics Didactics.

To stay tuned please tick the small box on the online form.

You may also visit us with your colleagues of the Physics Department to get to know the opportunities of our lab.

Getting there

Take the Suburban Railway Line S3 and S 31 to “Harburg Rathaus”. From there you can either walk (Bennigsenstraße is nice and quiet) or take the bus 142 heading for “Hans-Dewitz-Ring”. “Kasernenstraße TUHH” is just the next stop.


We are looking forward to your application by mail or using the online form.

Please apply as much in advance as possible.This is especially true for class trips or school project weeks when there are fixed dates to be observed.

In case of senior class trips, a visit can be combined meaningfully with an Airbus factory tour, the International Maritime Museum or the Mintarium.We are glad to be of assistance when planning your trip. Please also use the site !

Christian Mohr
DLR_School_Lab TUHH