Optical Deformation Analysis

Pictures of a five-point bending test on a CFRP laminate
Pictures of a five-point bending test on a CFRP laminate taken from the side so that the shear strain field of the individual layers can be seen. Upper picture: Results of the finite element method (FEM); Lower picture: Digital image correlation results.

Optical deformation analysis using digital image correlation allows non-contact measurements of strains and displacements both in 2D and 3D.

It can be used in quasi-static as well as dynamic tests to determine the plastic strain of material samples. It directly determines the true strains required for numerical simulations.

Using optical deformation analysis from high-speed film pictures also enables the investigation of dynamic processes in crash/impact tests. Since the optical system operates contactlessly, it has no influence on the test itself and allows a much higher spatial resolution than mechanical sensors.

The system is also very flexible. It can measure both very small (~5 mm) and very large objects (~5 m). The entire system is portable and comprises up to four cameras to capture deformations of complex structures from multiple sides.

LIMESS, TEMA and GOM products are used in the institute.


Tobias Behling

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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