Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory

Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory
Overview of the Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory.

PSL is the only infrastructure in the world to measure spectra of solid and powdered materials, in air/vacuum, from low to very high T (-200° to 1000°C), over an extended spectral range (0.3 to > 100 µm) and in a climate-controlled room. PSL operates 3 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR), equipped with internal and external chambers, to measure emissivity, biconical and hemispherical reflectance and transmittance simultaneously with the same setup. Microspectroscopy is also available.

PSL also performs measurements for industry on optical components (entrance windows, filters, radiators, reference surfaces), and materials for industrial uses (3D-printing, ceramics).

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