Physics-Based Simulation Methods for Hybrid Digital Twins



Shutterstock / Ilya Lukichev

Duration 2023–2026

In the PhySimTwin project (physics-based simulation methods for hybrid Digital Twins), we are working on integrating physics-based simulation methods and methods of physics-informed machine learning into our existing research topic of Digital Twins.

We develop reduced models for complex technical infrastructures. These can be evaluated in near real time, but still retain the essential system characteristics. In order to make optimum use of sensor data from infrastructures, we develop concepts to determine the best placement of sensors and test virtual sensing techniques.

We use an important transportation infrastructure project (bridge construction) to demonstrate the added value of our research approach. We are further developing our processes and methods so that they can be used in various areas of critical infrastructure, such as in the simulation of crowd movements during evacuations or for assessing the condition of infrastructure networks.






Development of physics-based simulation methods for hybrid Digital Twins


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Popp

Deputy Head of Institute
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute for the Protection of Terrestrial Infrastructures
Rathausallee 12, 53757 Sankt Augustin