eFMI: Functional Mock-up Interface for Embedded Systems

The eFMI standard (Functional Mock-Up Interface for embedded systems) enables a standardized workflow for the application of physical models, like Modelica models, in algorithms on embedded hardware. A typical example is the design of model-based controllers, like a controller with inverse nonlinear dynamics in the feedforward path. The eFMI standard defines steps, how such a high-level controller is transformed to an efficient and optimized code for specific embedded targets, e.g. an electronic control unit in a car.

Within the research project EMPHYSIS the partners developed an alpha version of the eFMI standard, implemented tool prototypes and tested the interoperability by means of several test cases. The DLR institute SR was one of the initiators of the project, contributed to the standardization and to the open source eFMI test case library in Modelica. The library contains a broad range of models for testing eFMI tool chains – from very simple examples up to very challenging functionalities. Since 2021 the library and the eFMI standard have been maintained by the Modelica Association project eFMI. The institute SR is partner of this project as eFMI Steering Committee member to release and further develop the eFMI standard.

Publications regarding eFMI with our contributions: