Interactive moon landing in the Lunar Lander

With the fictitious lunar module, you can experience landing on the moon in a VR environment.

The DLR Robotic Motion Simulator of the RMC is a novel motion simulator platform based on a standard industrial robot. It makes it possible to realise highly realistic driving or flight simulations by simply exchanging the control instruments. The prerequisites for this are a simulation of the driving or flight dynamics and a "washout" filter customised to the robot, which takes over the real-time path planning and robot control. Two endlessly rotatable axes make it possible to simulate inverted flights, rolls and skidding manoeuvres.

In addition, the RMC has a second robot-based flight simulator with an original DA42 cockpit and 220° visualisation dome. The systems are used to investigate human-machine interfaces, to develop and test new driving and flight control algorithms and for psychological studies.