May 15, 2024

5/2024 - Project explanation and research updates of the Shadow project

Discover the exciting developments of the Shadow project! Our aim is to develop new drone-based methods for deriving relevant forest parameters. In times of forest conversion towards more mixed forest and the occurrence of large-scale damage caused by climate change, we need an up-to-date and accurate database of the forest. We therefore want to modernize conventional forest inventories, which are often manual and sample-based. By using digital methods, the Shadow project promises greater accuracy and efficiency, as it enables forest areas to be recorded over a large area.

In our project, we are focusing on the creation of digital representations of the forest using drones. These enable fast and cost-effective data acquisition. Using 3D point clouds, orthomosaics and height models, we are developing methods to extract forest parameters such as stem diameter at breast height, tree height, deadwood and crown boundaries precisely and largely automatically. In doing so, we rely on both proven rule-based algorithms and innovative deep learning methods.

The current status of SHADOW:

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