The aerospace medicine research facility :envihab in Cologne

:envihab in Cologne - Entrance
:envihab is a medical research facility of the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine. Here, research is conducted into the impact of various environmental conditions on humans and possible countermeasures.

What happens to the human body on a flight to Mars? How does the body of a patient who is confined to bed react? How does lighting affect our mood? Are there countermeasures for the resulting negative effects? We need to find answers to these important questions for ourselves on Earth in order to better understand the effects of ageing, bedriddenness, immobilization and isolation, for example.

The DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine is a world-leading research institute in this field. :envihab is a unique, highly sophisticated medical research facility where the Institute works on its pioneering research to maintain human health and performance. In :envihab (from "environment" and "habitat"), the effects of extreme environmental conditions on humans and possible countermeasures can be researched on 3500 square meters.

:envihab - the film (German)
Two drones explore the :envihab and the applications in the aerospace medicine research facility.