Mars Simulation Facility

Mars Simulation Facility
Overview of the Mars Simulation Facility.

The Mars Simulation Facility (MSF) is embedded within the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure. It serves independent research purposes, but can be used in common projects/missions together with external co-investigators. Aims are: experimental investigation of trace moisture sensors, physical, chemical and biological processes, which occur under environmental conditions like in (near-)surface areas of Mars. Results are relevant for application in industry, research and mission preparation.

The MSF simulates Mars-like environmental conditions (pressure (p), temperature (t), radiation (λ), gaseous composition, humidity (rh) in diurnal cycles) of about few hours up to several months.

Detailed investigations include:
-  Biology: Growth, metabolic activity/photosynthesis under Martian conditions
- Physics: Influence of atmospheric conditions (p, T, gaseous composition, RH) on material and especially sensor properties.

Missions involved