Automated Low Altitude Air Delivery - Cross Country


With the Automated Low Altitude Air Delivery (ALAADy) project, the DLR Institute of Flight Systems is researching automated, uncrewed air transport at low altitudes.

In the ALAADy-CC (Automated Low Altitude Air Delivery - Cross Country) project, DLR and an interdisciplinary team are researching unmanned low-altitude air freight transport over sparsely populated areas.

Unmanned low-flying cargo transportation beyond the visual range of the pilot

Unmanned air freight transportation offers the possibility of delivering urgently needed goods to a destination by air. An unmanned aircraft offers an increased payload compared to a manned aircraft, as the pilot's weight is saved. Furthermore, continuous operation can be established without the risk of pilot fatigue and operations in dangerous flight missions are possible. Potential deployment scenarios include transport missions for humanitarian aid supplies in areas that are permanently or temporarily cut off from the ground-based transport infrastructure.

In the industrial environment, urgently needed production or spare parts deliveries are relevant application scenarios. The EU Implementing Regulations 2019/947 and 2020/746 will provide the regulatory framework from 01.01.2022. The project aims to fly at low altitudes so that the spatial separation of unmanned aircraft from manned air traffic is achieved. The realization of low-flying unmanned air freight transport is challenging from a technical, regulatory and socio-technical perspective.

Applied research with unmanned gyrocopter

With the help of the "ALAADy demonstrator" gyrocopter drone, the project is pursuing the demonstration of an overland flight over sparsely populated areas to transport a payload of up to 150 kg. The research focuses on low-flying cargo transportation with the unmanned gyrocopter:

  • On-board automation
  • Remote guidance and airspace integration
  • Risk-based operational approval in accordance with the EASA Specific Category
  • Acceptance-optimized operationFlight test execution

During the project, the technical expertise of the participating institutes and facilities will be pooled. The topics include increasing on-board autonomy, flight control, permits for operating unmanned aerial systems, airspace integration, remote guidance in experimental and regular operations, support for remote guidance using augmented reality, data management, procedures and processes for testing and investigations into public acceptance. The interdisciplinary project team is thus making a joint and unique contribution to the development of unmanned aviation.




ALAADy-CC (Automated Low Altitude Air Delivery – Cross Country)


2022 - 2024

Contact person

Sebastian Benders,
Institut für Flugsystemtechnik, Abteilung Unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge