Projects and Tasks

The department of Reconnaissance and Security is currently working on the following projects and tasks:

  • Security relevant spaceborne earth observation
  • Data-fusion of optical- and radar-data
  • Radarsignatures
  • Technical controlling SAR-Lupe
  • Technical controlling SARah
  • Tiramisu
  • UAV with Radar-Payload

University teaching:

  • Lectures at the Uni Karlsruhe: Principles of microwave radiometry and future applications


Universities: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Uni Bochum, Uni Stuttgart

Institutes: Frauenhofer FHR, FhG, ONERA, QinetiQ, RMA, TNO, EU JRC, EU-SC, JPL, ARL, WRLageZ

Industry: Airbus Defence and Space, RST, Diehl, OHB