January 18, 2024 | Networking Evening

Bodega evening at the TU Hamburg: Maritime research meets tradition

  • On 18 January 2024, the Institute of Maritime Energy Systems invited students and alumni to the Bodega Evening at the Hamburg University of Technology.
  • After the presentation of the institute's current research, there was a buffet for everyone in the university's Learning and Communication Centre (LuK).
  • Students of the TU Hamburg and employees of the institute exchanged ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Together with the Shipbuilding Student Council and the shipbuilders' association HEYLIGE FRAWE LATTE, the Institute of Maritime Energy Systems invited students, alumni, professors and friends of shipbuilding to the Bodega Evening at Hamburg University of Technology on 18 January 2024.

Bodega today actually refers to a private or commercial wine cellar or wine bar. The inviting, cosy atmosphere of a wine cellar also arose on this evening - albeit in the lecture hall and later in the university's Learning and Communication Centre (LuK). Bodega evenings organised by the Naval Architecture Student Association take place several times a semester at the TU Hamburg. Companies and organisations from the shipbuilding industry introduce themselves, report on exciting new projects and talk to the participants.

The H.F. LATTE shipbuilding association has a long tradition: it was founded in 1878 by shipbuilding students from Berlin. There has been a Hamburg counterpart since 1951. It is particularly important to be an intact community and a point of contact for students.

After the presentation of current maritime research and the procurement process of our research vessel, we moved on to a cosy exchange over drinks and a buffet in the LuK. The Institute was delighted to meet old and new acquaintances.