SUMO - Simulation of multimodal mobility in urban areas

The open source software SUMO enables the improvement of traffic through realistic simulation using real-time data. The agent-based and multimodal traffic simulation offers high efficiency and scalability, as well as versatile tools and interfaces for flexible solutions, including for the cloud.

Efficient traffic management and better mobility are our passion! That's why we developed the open source software SUMO.

SUMO uses real-time data to create realistic simulations in order to revolutionise traffic management and fleet management. We use these digital twins to test and optimise technical systems and predict the traffic impact of new technologies - always with the aim of improving mobility. Our results also flow into products such as rFpro or DYNA4.

To master traffic and fleet management challenges, we rely on agent-based, multimodal traffic simulation. With our versatile toolbox, simulations of different scenarios can be created, executed and analysed. SUMO supports various platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS) and can be used as a GUI application or in the server area.

SUMO is not only powerful, but also extremely flexible and modular. As an open source tool, SUMO benefits from a large and active community that ensures continuous development and quality assurance. This combination of performance and community involvement makes our solution the ideal choice for transforming transport management and improving mobility. Experience more efficient, future-orientated mobility with us!

As developers of SUMO, we invite you to the annual SUMO User Conference. The conference focuses on the presentation of new results and the exchange of experience in the field of mobility simulation and modelling using open tools and data. It is characterised by a wide variety of research topics and international participants.


Prof. Dr. Michael Ortgiese

Head of Department
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Transportation Systems
Research Design and Assessment of Mobility Solutions
Rutherfordstr. 2, 12489 Berlin