NGC - Safe Light Regional Vehicle (SLRV)

The SLRV is planned for the segment of electrically powered small vehicles in the L7e class.

In addition to public transport, small, electrically powered vehicles are advantageous in terms of their economic and ecological impact compared to conventional vehicles with combustion engines.

As a vehicle with a medium range, the NGC SLRV is particularly suitable for the needs of commuters. Applications as a car-sharing vehicle are also conceivable, especially for routes outside of cities, as the quick refuelling combined with the comparatively long range promises short downtimes.

Lightweight vehicle structure in sandwich construction with drive components

For the bodywork, the researchers have opted for the so-called sandwich construction method, which is both lightweight and very stable and is already used in a similar form in aviation and motorsport. Components made of plastic foam with aluminium cover layers replace conventional steel sheets and ensure a low overall body weight of around 90 kilograms.

Video: Neuartige Leichtbaukarosserie im Crashtest
Im Zuge des Großprojekts Next Generation Car (NGC) haben DLR-Forscher eine neuartige Leichtbaukarosserie entwickelt und Crashtests unterzogen.