September 22, 2023


The discussions at the Responsible AI Forum 2023 were very enlightening and once again emphasised the importance of dealing responsibly with AI.

As the DLR Institute for AI Safety and Security, we make an important contribution: we take a holistic approach to ensuring the safe and responsible development of AI. Our approach includes not only technical aspects, but also closely links these with ethical, legal and social issues (ELSA), which form the societal framework for the use of AI.

In order to focus even more on these aspects of AI research and security in the future, we have strengthened our ELSA team with three colleagues from the fields of politics, social sciences and law. Sofia Kyrampalidou, Tim Robin Kosack and Clemens Danda will shed light on relevant and current topics such as data protection, product safety and human rights. These are all burning social issues that affect people in this context, in addition to the actual AI research.

Stay tuned! More to come soon!

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