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Looking ahead and leading the way - Ongoing analysis of the research field and establishment of a network of AI science and industry. Coordination of trans- and interdisciplinary research on ELSA issues (ELSA = Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects) in the context of AI-based applications. Foundations for trustworthy AI, social acceptance and technology transfer.

We want to be a driver for the overarching discourse on AI safety and security and, through our expertise, to provide important content and impetus to science, industry, politics and society as a whole. Our work naturally includes the consideration and analysis of the entire research field of artificial intelligence. Accordingly, we also examine current developments which go beyond technical and informatics-related activities; by doing so, we are able to keep our roadmap as an institute up-to-date at all times. Activities in the area of technology transfer and the associated public relations and science communication are accordingly part of our department's field of activity.
In the context of artificial intelligence, we are actively involved in the scientific discussion of ELSA issues (ELSA = Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects) and contribute to inter- and transdisciplinary research and development projects. This includes the development of a holistic approach to the acceptance and risk assessment of artificial intelligence. This approach focuses on the research area of trustworthy AI in automated and autonomous systems, including cybersecurity.
It is for these reasons that we are setting ourselves up as a multi-disciplinary team: The Institute for AI Safety and Security is staffed by scientists from computer and data sciences, mathematics, physics and engineering, sociology, psychology, philosophy and law.


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Krüger

Deputy Head of Institute // Head of Department
German Aerospace Center
Institute for AI Safety and Security
Business Development & Strategy
Rathausallee 12, 53757 Sankt Augustin