November 20, 2023

Focus on machine learning

KnowledgeInterchangeWorkshop at the Institute for AI Safety and Security in Ulm, 13-16 November 2023

Last week, 120 colleagues from various disciplines met at the DLR site in Ulm for a four-day internal workshop.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence play an important role in many DLR projects. The aim of the workshop was to bring these topics together, regardless of whether they are applications, methods or theories and on which platform they are used.

This was a very good opportunity to share our work within DLR and to get in touch with colleagues from other institutes. The format allows not only the presentation of final results, but also the discussion of ongoing work, the collection of feedback on open questions and the promotion of collaborations.
In addition to external keynote speakers, tutorials, lectures and a poster session, there were group discussions and an evening get-together.

This series of workshops promotes the long-term exchange of knowledge and the development of professional networks within DLR through interdisciplinary discussions.