September 1, 2023

Visitors at the Sankt Augustin site

Last week, several political representatives visited the DLR site in Sankt Augustin: Us, the DLR Institute for AI Security, and the DLR Institute for Terrestrial Infrastructure Protection. Accompanied by DLR Executive Board member Klaus Hamacher and Site Manager West Dr. Melanie von der Wiesche, we gave Reinhard Houben, Sascha Lienesch MdL and Dr. Norbert Röttgen an insight into our work and discussed the relevance of AI security in its political, economic and societal dimension.
In addition to our special focus on AI security - in the sense of safety and security - and the corresponding research areas, Prof. Dr. Frank Köster, Dr. Thomas Krüger and Dr. Arne Peter Raulf presented the current progress of our Living Lab. In the associated AI in the Loop project, we are working on improving the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence, which is highly relevant for dealing with robots in industry, in care, but also in aviation or in automated driving. Our Living Lab in Sankt Augustin is characterized by the fact that it enables the scientists to perform the training loop, including the adaptation of the AI algorithms, directly in real environments - specifically in the corridors of the institute - with the self-driving and learning robots. In addition to interaction, the topic of data protection and data infrastructure is also highly relevant when dealing with the sensor-equipped robots, i.e., collecting, processing, and storing data while ensuring quality, availability, and data sovereignty. Accordingly, we are researching, for example, encryption and privacy enhancing technologies.
We would like to thank for the great interest. The direct exchange with members of the federal and state parliaments is also valuable for us every time. Together, we can advance future-oriented AI research and development.