Internal and external networking of the project group

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility

Internal and external networking of the project group

The Institute for AI Safety and Security is coordinating the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project group. The role of the institute is to plan and organise diverse activities throughout the entire duration of the project. We aim at promoting the exchange of expertise within the project group and with external bodies, and also to create synergies.

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility currently encompasses six projects funded by the BMWK: Gaia-X 4 KI, Gaia-X 4 AMS, Gaia-X 4 ROMS, Gaia-X 4 PLC-AAD, Gaia-X 4 moveID, and Gaia-X 4 AGEDA. All the projects focus on topics relating to distributed data infrastructure with the goal of data-based applications and services.

Each project incorporates a sub-project that takes care of the content-related and strategic networking of the project group. The Institute for AI Safety and Security is responsible for these sub-projects. Activities include weekly synchronisation meetings for the working-group leaders and monthly discussions for the Gaia-X Mobility Hub Germany. This enables us to promote the coordination of expertise and the utilisation of potential content-related and organisational synergies. In addition, our institute coordinates the cooperation and intensive networking with various initiatives (e.g. Mobility Data Space), projects (e.g. Catena-X) and activities (e.g. European Data Space Business Committee) and maintains an active exchange with the Gaia-X domain Mobility and other European initiatives. Furthermore, the institute contributes its own internal research results to the project group.

Mobility domain within the German Gaia-X Hub

The GAIA-X 4 Future Mobility project group is located in the Mobility domain within the German Gaia-X Hub. Prof. Dr. Frank Köster, Institute Director for AI Safety and Security, is the patron of this domain. Within the Gaia-X structure, the national hubs form the central contact points for companies, stakeholders, initiatives, associations and public institutions; the domains structure the activities on a content-related level.
Gaia-X aims to create an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem in which data and services can be made available, orchestrated and mutually utilised within a trusting environment. In the project initiated by the European side, companies and citizens collect and exchange information on the premise that they will always retain control over such data.

The Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project group in detail - The 6 projects

The common focus of the projects is directed towards a Gaia-X-based implementation of future mobility applications (Figure 1), for which data-based networking with manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and users is essential. Within the project group, a hugely diverse spectrum of participants from all application, research and thematic fields of mobility and, in particular, information and communication technologies are involved. Currently, this includes more than 80 participants from industry and science, with a funding volume of more than 100 million euros and more than 10,000 funded person-months. The duration of the projects in the project group currently covers the period from 01.06.2021 to 31.12.2025.

Figure: The projects of the GAIA-X 4 Future Mobility project family operate in the context of Gaia-X and the associated basic services, Source: DLR, Institute for AI Safety and Security
  • Gaia-X 4 AMS: Connected and automated vehicles and intelligent transport infrastructures as well as reliable and safe rescue corridors
  • Gaia-X 4 ROMS: Management (e.g. remote control) of connected and automated vehicles and fleets in relation to the dynamics of the transport system
  • Gaia-X 4 PLC-AAD: Decentralised and open data ecosystem on the basis of digital twins for the support of product development, production and after sales - with a focus on automated driving
  • Gaia-X 4 moveID: Decentralised digital identities and trustworthy data exchange for various use cases, e.g. zoning, traffic-infrastructure management, smart parking and vehicle-data collection
  • Gaia-X 4 AGEDA: Integration of GAIA-X with future in-vehicle architectures for safety-critical applications in connected and automated vehicles
  • Gaia-X 4 KI: Data and service ecosystem for the training and validation of AI-based components and applications with a focus on the automotive sector


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