Control Room and Computing Center Infrastructure Department

The Control Room and Computing Infrastructure organizational unit is responsible for providing the high-availability and secure infrastructure in the space control center.

To this end, it provides cross-sectional services ranging from system requirements engineering, architecture and design draft, subsequent implementation, integration and validation, through to the operation of the systems and their system and technical support over the entire life cycle.

In addition, the entire network and server infrastructure for manned and unmanned space missions is provided in several network areas as well as central IT services. Virtualized systems have been used for many years. To ensure smooth 24/7 operation, all components are redundant and backed up by a UPS system.


Dr. Dorothea Richter

Head of Department
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Space Operations and Astronaut Training
Control Room and Computing Center Infrastructure
Münchener Str. 20, 82234 Oberpfaffenhofen-Wessling