Satellite Control Center (SCC)

There are various control rooms at GSOC in Oberpfaffenhofen for the operation of satellite missions. The two largest, K1 and K2, are visible from the "visitors' bridge".

Other slightly smaller control rooms are set up for geostationary communication satellites, e.g. K6 for the operation of the EDRS payload or the regular operations of the SatCOMBw mission, which are carried out in separate control rooms.

A separate control room (K9) is used for simulations and training as well as for integrating the operating systems of new satellite projects.

A special feature of the German Space Operations Center GSOC is the so-called multi-mission environment. In multi-mission operations, the various projects are combined in a single operating environment based on shared systems and tools. The multi-mission operations team is able to support each of the satellites. This ensures a permanent exchange of experience and maximum operational reliability thanks to the support of dedicated project engineers.

Satellite Control Center - Impressions of the control room